The Community Heating Show

Join us to discover what heat networks are and explore why they are poised to become the primary method of heating homes and buildings in cities in the future.

Decarbonising heat by using more electricity is a common topic of discussion. Renewable electricity doesn’t contribute to climate change, but electric heating can be costly. With many people already in fuel poverty, it’s essential that any changes minimise the impact on fuel bills and support the climate change ambitions.

This session will host a community engagement and empowerment session on heat networks. Hear from the experts to help spread the message on what heat networks are, the benefits to homeowners and how community representatives can engage with the Clean Heat Edinburgh Forum to become champions of this technology.


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Event Details
Simon Kerr
Account Manager
SAV Systems
Hilary Blackman
Energy Officer
City of Edinburgh Council
Kira Myers
Carbon Analyst, Climate Partnerships
Edinburgh Climate Change Institute
Tom Warren
Impact Manager - Sustainability
Built Environment-Smarter Transformation
Green Home Festival 2024
The Community Heating Show

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Event Details